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Mercedes-Benz EQC

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review: Mercedes-Benz EQC


On the inside

Layout, finish and space

The cabin is normal Mercedes, except for some progressive-looking rubberised fabric stuff on the dash and seats (recycled, natch). The colours are livelier too, with signature copper vents and so on.

The front seats are high up enough to satisfy the SUV thing. But the back ones suffer versus rival EVs because the wheelbase is comparatively short. And the centre tunnel remains, despite the prop shaft and exhaust having been evicted. The boot’s not bad but again, unlike rivals, there’s no frunk.

Facing you is the company’s vast and occasionally annoying twin-screen edifice. It’s controlled in any number of ways, including over-twitchy steering wheel touchpads.

A brilliant head-up display comes with the expensive trim levels. And the silence lets you enjoy the awesome Burmester hifi.