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Nissan 370Z

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The Top Gear car review: Nissan 370Z



Running costs and reliability

Nissan 370z side

The 370Z starts at less than £30,000. For that you get 18s, climate control, xenons and in manual cars, the “Synchro Rev Control” system that automatically blips the throttle as you downshift (we like this very much). GT is about £4,000 more and adds bigger wheels, cruise control, Nissan’s touchscreen nav and Bose audio. The 370Z Nismo is unchanged and remains, at nigh-on £40K, a bit of a bargain considering what it gives you. Read our review by clicking on these words.  

When the 370 was launched it rivalled the BMW Z4 and Audi TT, but nowadays Nissan says it’s as much of a rival for mega-hatches like the Focus RS and Golf R as it is other, similarly-priced coupes. And remember a hot-hatch will be more practical, economical and in most cases quicker than the two-door Nissan. A five-door Golf R’s boot is 343 litres, a 370’s is 235. A Golf R does 37.7mpg and 180g/km. A 370 does 26.6 and 248. And a Golf R will do 0-62mph in 5.1secs. A 370 takes 5.3. But…

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