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Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review: Nissan 370Z

Overall verdict
Tail-happy dynamics and a meaty V6 powerplant. Don't let the TC spoil your fun


Entertaining in an old-school muscle-car kind of way


Pricey to run, engine is rather drony


What is it?

The 370Z does ‘fast’ a bit differently to the other quick Nissan, the big, bad GT-R. That car is all about the tech – Internet-friendly acceleration enabled by a quick-shifting double-clutch gearbox and intelligent all-wheel drive, tyres filled with nitrogen because it’s more stable than air, and an engine hand-built in a hermetically-sealed room so the internals aren’t contaminated by the air you and I are forced to breathe every second of every hour of every day. 

The 370Z – which has just been updated for 2018 – doesn’t have all-wheel drive, a double-clutch gearbox or an especially clever engine. This is the closest Nissan gets to barn-door engineering – a big, by modern standards, 3.7-litre V6 at the front, a six-speed manual (or seven-speed automatic) gearbox and two seats in the middle and rear-wheel drive at the back. In a world of all-wheel drive, 400bhp, £50,000 hot hatchbacks, the £30,000-odd, 328bhp Nissan is a bit of an anachronism. 

It was launched almost 10 years ago and hasn’t really had a major update since. For 2018 Nissan’s changed the bumpers, light-clusters, wheels and given manual versions a ‘high performance’ clutch. The more powerful, more serious, more expensive Nismo is unchanged and still on sale.

Highlights from the range

Title 0–62 CO2 MPG BHP Price
The fastest
3.7 V6 [344] Nismo 3dr
5.2s 276g/km 26.6 344 £38,305
The cheapest
3.7 V6 [328] 3dr
5.3s 274g/km 26.6 328 £27,805
The greenest
3.7 V6 [328] GT 3dr Auto
5.6s 271g/km 26.9 328 £34,305