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Renault Megane

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Renault Megane



What is it like on the road?

Renault Megane DCI 100 red

In standard form, this feels like a French car of the old school, with a comfortable, composed ride and a handling balance not disposed to unnecessary sportiness. That’s not to say it’s dull, though; it’s simple and classy to drive, and a solid base for a future Renaultsport hot hatch version.

The launch engine line is simple, with an equal split of turbo petrol and diesels, while there’s a diesel-electric hybrid arriving in the near future. We like the sweet 1.2-litre TCe which, we suspect, will be more than enough for most. Of the diesels, the 128bhp 1.6 dCi appeals most, offering punchy performance and a claimed 70.6mpg, though a 108bhp 1.5 dCi offers a mildly dizzying 76.4mpg, twinned with meagre 96g/km CO2 emissions.

Want something less sensible? While we wait for a proper RS, a 202bhp GT comes with the curious addition of four-wheel-steering, just like you get on a 911 GT3. It works, though its artificial sharpness will feel at odds with a raw RS. 


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Not so much a wildcard, just a fine car: the 308 has done for Peugeot's image what the Megane ought to for Renault's
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