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Volkswagen Golf (Mk8)

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review: Volkswagen Golf (Mk8)



Running costs and reliability

At the time of the Golf’s launch, VW hasn’t homologated any fuel or CO2 figures. But they say the eTSi DSG saves 10 per cent fuel over the old 1.5 DSG, so call it 48mpg. The diesel is supposed to save 17 per cent versus its predecessor.

With the number of active safety features on the menu, and the V2X that’s standard on all cars, you’d hope insurance costs fall, but again no figures at the time of writing.

Every single Golf sold in the UK will get a digital instrument pack and 10-inch infotainment screen with web connection. Most include navigation, but with a base car you can activate nav, like some other features, over-the-air via an in-car app store.

Apart from all that, a Golf will always be a supremely easy car to own and sell on, because it’s such a well-developed and well-known object.

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