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Volkswagen Tiguan

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Volkswagen Tiguan



What is it like on the road?

As expected, then, this is a very sharp and tidy car to drive. Much of the praise must go to that MQB architecture, which is shared with an abundance of cars across the whole VW Group. Golf, A3, Octavia, TT… they’re all precise, pleasing cars to drive, and the Tiguan is no different.

Its handling is completely car-like, and might even encourage you to have a modicum of fun when the seats and boot aren’t full of kids and all their bumf. The same is true with or without the faux-sporty R-Line trim, though the firm-edged ride served up by the R-Line’s chunky wheels is worthy of note. Pot holes and speed bumps are not subtly smothered.

When it is full of kids, this is a refined, easy-going car. The 2.0 TDI diesel most will opt for only really makes itself known under keen acceleration, and it’s nicely hushed at a motorway cruise. Linked to the DSG gearbox it’s also exceedingly effortless; with the Tiguan weighing 1,673kg, modest by SUV standards, it doesn’t have to battle physics too hard. That also means its claimed 49.6mpg fuel economy is uncommonly attainable, too.

Perhaps the downside of its modest weight is its modest size, and this is certainly closer to a car than a full-size off-roader. But that also means it’s an absolute doddle to park and thread through traffic. It’ll still do the practical stuff, though; VW says most owners go for all-wheel drive, while the Tiguan will tow up to 2,500kg, with the help of an electronic trailer assist system.


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