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Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review: Volvo V60 Hybrid

Overall verdict
As green as cars get these days, the V60 Plug-in has the best of both worlds – pace and economy.


Extremely clean engine emissions, massive range, beautiful interior


Diesel rattle, boot has got even smaller


What is it?

Volvo is famous for safety and is aiming for no-one to be injured or killed in one of its cars by 2020. Now, though, it has another ‘zero’ aim – zero emissions from its cars too. The former might well be possible, but the latter could prove more tricky. Still, the Swedes are having a go, with the launch of their first plug-in hybrid, the V60 - freshly facelifted for 2014.

A plug-in hybrid is similar in principal to a Toyota Prius hybrid, but with a bigger set of batteries that can be recharged from the mains, thus extending the electriconly running. Volvo also fits a more fuel efficient diesel engine instead of a petrol, which will ensure the strong eco credentials continue when the batteries are flat, too.