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Long-term review

Jeep Avenger - long-term review

£39,600 / £42,125 as tested / £519pcm
Published: 28 Feb 2024


  • SPEC

    Jeep Avenger Summit

  • Range

    248.5 miles



  • BHP


  • 0-62


Living with a Jeep Avenger: time for a second opinion

As any good hypochondriac will tell you, it’s always worth getting a second opinion. Which is why, after a couple of months running the Avenger, and generally being won over by its uncomplicated manners and neat proportions, I lobbed the keys to the newest member of TG’s writing staff – Shafiq Abidin – to pick his annoyingly youthful brains.

“Its design really stands out among the wave of other electric city cars, and it’s easy to understand why. The quintessential Jeep styling remains, including the multi-box grille, heavy cladding and chunky tyres, but has been refreshed with a touch of neoteric all around.” Couldn’t agree more, and extra points for including a word I had to look up in the dictionary.

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“The rear legroom is sufficient for small people, but less so for adults. The 380 litres of boot space put it behind the Hyundai Kona and Kia e-Niro, though it’s superior to the Volvo EX30.” Yep, back is cramped but my kids aren’t complaining, and the boot is stingy.

“The heater was also temperamental, selectively ghosting between freezing, cold, and tepid on its own accord. Rarely did I feel the 28-degree figure on display. The general interior quality does little else to warm you up too, and while it is functional and ergonomic, you do hope for a touch more affluence in a £42k vehicle.” I’ve checked, he’s right, the heater is definitely malfunctioning, and I take your point on the quality, although the coloured plastic on the dash adds to the Jeep-ness for me. Grrrr. Bit like exposed rivets in the new Defender – totally unnecessary, but in-line with the brand.

“The seats are extremely comfortable, and the ride quality superb. I was particularly taken by the sheer number of exterior cameras and the quality of the corresponding live feed, which displays an aerial view when park assist is toggled.” Amen, top marks here.

“While the initial pick-up of the 154bhp motor feels punchy, the momentum starts to plateau noticeably beyond the 40mph mark. I wish Jeep gave it an extra 50-odd horsepower for the open stretches.” Good man, I mean, everything could do with another 50bhp couldn’t it?

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“The weight transfer feels seamless, and the minimal body roll makes it feel agile and nimble around corners, furthered by the light, responsive steering. I even took it for a stint off the beaten track to explore its various driving modes, where the little Jeep had no trouble skipping through murky puddles and muddy rut.” Oh, so that’s why it was caked in crud, left with 2 per cent battery and covered in scratches? I joke, Shafiq, you are a model car borrower, you can come again.

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