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Kia Stinger GT S
3.3-litre V6 turbo
Claimed MPG:
26.6mpg, 225g/km CO2
0-62 in 4.9s, 168mph
£40,535/£41,180 as tested

The Stinger’s inside is well stocked with real buttons, as opposed to the virtual sort on a screen. That’s good. The best button now is the one for the heated steering wheel. Of a cold winter’s morn, this is a balming luxury.

We also have heated seats, and in the rear too. My daughter has just passed 135cm and so emerged from her child throne, to find bumwarmers. Which of course she now assumes are a universal. Travelling in a £75k optioned-up Audi recently she asked where the heated-seat button was. I explained this car didn’t have them. She actually said, “It’s not fair.” I nearly died.

For summer, the front seats are also fan-vented. Another great idea, saving fuel because they let you soften off the aircon.

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