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Long-term review

Porsche Taycan 4S – long-term review

£83,580 / £100,722 / £1,073 pcm
Published: 25 Oct 2021


  • SPEC

    Taycan 4S 93kWh Performance Battery Plus

  • Range

    285 miles



  • BHP


  • 0-62


The big test: Porsche Taycan vs the family holiday

First proper long-haul duties for the Taycan - a trip to Cornwall to spend a week on a working farm. Not as exhausting as it sounds – it’s all about the kids getting involved, not back-breaking labour for the parents. Anyway, car loaded, full battery, indicated range based on my silky-smooth driving style: 241-miles. Input Bodmin Moor into the nav: 232-miles.
Right, bit of a decision to make here. Attempt it in one heroic swoop, risk extreme anxiety on the way, but cling to the knowledge they have a 7kW charger at the farm that works every other Wednesday, or split the trip with a splash and dash at a rapid charger?

I opt for the latter, because I’m a sensible Dad and my bladder’s not that big, and arrive at the Ionity station to discover there’s a half an hour queue.

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Not ideal, still, plenty of time to stand around and make small talk about electric car ownership (there should be a name for this tedious new phenomenon: torquing? Zap-chat?) while my kids lob gravel across the car park.
No stress, we’re on holiday, time to burn. We wait our turn, 20 mins plugged in and we’re on our way with the warm satisfied glow of battery to spare. Until we dive off the A30 into ‘proper’ Cornwall and discover these roads were built with horses, not large electric German saloons in mind.

Good god they’re narrow, I’ve got rugs bigger than most of the passing places and the way the locals barrel past with millimetric precision and unwavering confidence while I’m wincing and adopting the brace position, is… unique. All part of the experience I tell myself, as I emerge from the foetal position only to find a Defender coming towards me that can’t fit so I have to reverse a mile up the road with two kids screaming and six inches to spare either side.
Charming place though, and a delightful week in the countryside, from which the Taycan escapes unscathed. Caused a bit of a stir with the locals, too, one of whom brings their two kids over to the farm to poke around the Porsche because they love cars and “we don’t see many like that around here.” Best bit of the job.  
On the way home I learn from my mistakes, avoid the main rapid charging hub, and find an Instavolt point tucked away at a beautiful vineyard with a playground for the kids and coffee and cake for the adults. That’s more like it, think I’m getting the hang of this whole electric car thing.

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