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Long-term review

Porsche Taycan 4S – long-term review

£83,580 / £100,722 / £1,073 pcm
Published: 29 Oct 2021


  • SPEC

    Taycan 4S 93kWh Performance Battery Plus

  • Range

    285 miles



  • BHP


  • 0-62


Another crunch: is our London-based Porsche Taycan cursed?

Here’s a top tip. If you drive something silver and you’re going to brush bumpers with a car during a tight parallel parking manoeuvre, make sure it’s not a bright green one, because the evidence is fairy overwhelming. It’s right there, in black and green.
To be fair to my mortified 18-year old neighbour, he had no idea there’d actually been any contact, and I believe him for several reasons: the superficial scuff suggests a kiss of bumpers as opposed to any noticeable impact, and secondly why else would he park up next to the scene of the accident, outside both our houses, with the evidence on show. Plus, he’s an honourable young man who immediately apologised and offered to wash the car for free.
With the car going back so soon I spoke with Porsche, sent pictures, and they were satisfied it would buff out. So, disaster and a second lengthy insurance claim on the Taycan averted, and pleasure of running this car in no way diminished.
Funny how once you get used to a particular EV, range anxiety fades to a footnote. You learn to trust what the computer’s telling you, spot what different driving styles and road conditions are going to do to that range figure and can plan journeys accordingly.

A round trip from London to Bournemouth (114-miles each way) was a mite squeaky on paper, but with the warmish weather and a smooth motorway cruise I know I can get a reliable 250-miles, so no need to scamper about finding a charger at the seaside.
Interesting to hear about Ollie’s electrical and build-quality woes with the e-tron GT, too, because there’s been nothing other than driver-inflicted wounds on the Taycan. Zero electric gremlins, nothing falling off. You can see why Porsche continues to ascend – it’s currently behind only VW and Audi with over €26bn in revenue in 2020 – because its cars aren’t just a joy to use, they’re robust.

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The fact that it’s mainlined both those USPs straight into its first ever electric car, is why the Taycan remains such a remarkable achievement.

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