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Friday 2nd June

12 weird colours to spec your new BMW M3 or M4 in

Thought Sao Paulo Yellow was bold? Buckle up, and prepare thine eyes

  • There's a new BMW M3 and M4. You may have heard about them. If not, read our M3 Competition review and M4 Competition review to find out how good (or bad) they are.

    Discovered they're actually quite brilliant? Good. Now it's time to part with circa-80-grand, which means choosing which colour you want your new M car bedecked in. Now, each comes with a standard block of 12 colours, including the hi-vis Sao Paulo Yellow you've already seen the M4 in. But lurking deep within the recesses of BMW's configurator is something called the BMW Individual Manufaktr Visualizer...

    ... which opens up another 100 or so really quite wild colours to play with. So, allow us to take you on a guided tour of some of our favourites, then have a play and tell us how you're having yours below.

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  • Twilight Purple

    Straight in with a big hitter. Why not embrace the grille's boldness and let the whole car exude cocksure confidence?

  • Zanzibar II

    Confusingly, there's no Zanzibar I. Hopefully there's a recap of all the major plot points before you spec its really quite bronze sequel.

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  • Urban Green

    Liked the look of Tactical Green on the Audi e-tron GT, but not ready to let go of petrol? Step this way.

  • Mint Green

    For those of you out there who reckon Top Gear specced its Morgan Plus Four quite well. There must be someone...

  • Fire Orange III

    Missing the M3 GTS? Channel its outrageous road racer vibe with this spec. Again, no Fire Orange I or II. Weird.

  • Voodoo Blue

    There are 24 different blues to choose from when speccing your M3 or M4. We've whittled them down to just one. Be brave.

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  • Velvet Orchid II

    Feeling especially brave? Then go for a silky pink, to really exhibit the M3's softer demeanour in its new generation.

  • Dakar Yellow II

    Find hi-vis yellow a bit too, um, visible? Try something a little gentler. As you can see, it clashes with the M4's optional blue'n'yellow seat trim.

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  • Nardo Grey

    Just in case anyone's fleeing to Audi in order to choose an RS4 or RS5 purely for this colour, BMW's nabbed it for its own paint cupboard.

  • Rosso Corsa

    Speaking of nicked paint colours, we've a feeling we've heard Rosso Corsa mentioned elsewhere. Something to do with Italian sports cars, maybe? Either way, it's the reddest of all the M3 and M4's eleven reds.

  • Signal Green

    Want to replicate the Kermit-coloured M3 run by TGTV's Chris Harris a few years ago? This is the colour to choose.

  • Frozen Marina Bay Blue

    You want an M4, of course you do. But you also want to look classy. So how about a lovely matte blue, paired with a tan (well, Kyalami Orange) interior?

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