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Infiniti has shown us the saloon car of the future

New-age engines will make our cars look different, and this is Infiniti's preview

This, says Infiniti, is what saloon cars will look like in a future of advanced powertrains. Well, ones with Infiniti badges, at least.

It’s called the Q Inspiration Concept, and it uses a very clever little turbo engine that not only gives big power for small emissions, but completely changes the architecture of the car it powers.

Yep, the idea is that the VC-Turbo – a variable-geometry four-cylinder petrol that “combines the power of a larger V6 gasoline engine with the torque and efficiency of an advanced four-cylinder diesel engine” – is small enough that the whole shape of the Q Inspiration can adapt, freeing up loads more interior room.

The Q Inspiration uses all-wheel drive, but the driveshaft to the rear wheels is mounted in a way that allows a completely flat floor.

Revealed in widescreen with the help of rear-hinged back doors, Infiniti describes the interior as “human-centric”. Which makes us wonder which animal its previous interiors have all been aimed at. Dogs, perhaps?

There are buzzwords galore, though. “Drivers and passengers can call up digital content on their independent touchscreens,” we’re told, with the sound seperared to each part of the car so it doesn’t all clash. The seats are described as ‘zero gravity’, something that reduces fatigue, while there’s lots of autonomous tech to keep the driver relaxed, too.

Despite all the future talk, though, the white leather trim boasts ‘dot-quilting’, an Infiniti patent that provides “an informal, ‘unbuttoned’ twist on the traditional buttoned-down diamond patterns of a Chesterfield sofa.”

So, it’s a car with an intensely clever little engine, futuristic tech, but a posh old sofa inside. Like what you see? If this is the future of saloons, are you on board?

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