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How to spec a Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo

Fancy buying TG’s favourite EV? Read this first

  • Do you really need the Turbo S?

    If you’ve got the means to buy a Taycan Turbo S Cross Turismo then go right ahead. It’s an astonishing car. Maybe a bit too astonishing. The rate at which it gathers and sheds speed is genuinely uncomfortable (0-62mph in 2.9 seconds) and it’s a hell of a lot of money – at £139,910 it’s almost £23,000 pricier than the straight Turbo and around £52,000 more than the Taycan 4S. Sure you want one, but lesser Cross Turismos make a great deal more financial sense for most people. 

    We reckon the 4S, with a few options, strikes the best balance between cost and performance. It starts at £87,820, makes 483bhp (563bhp with launch control) and hits 62mph from rest in 4.1 seconds. Porsche claims up to 281 miles of range WLTP. 

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  • Grey, really? You’re better than that…

    The Taycan Cross Turismo is a big, German car, so obviously it’s available in many shades of grey. But there are also some lovely blues to choose from, plus a smart red, a bright green and even a kind of pale pink. Don’t be a dullard… 

  • Choose your alloys carefully

    The Cross Turismo is available with 19, 20 or 21-inch alloys. On its standard 19s the 4S looks a bit under-wheeled, so by all means upgrade to something bigger. Just be aware – upgrading costs at least £1,500 for 20s or around £3,000 minimum for 21s and will affect range. Porsche has a clever calculator on its website – have a play before you commit. 

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  • Remember the little things

    Nowadays most manufacturers group options together in packs. Great for making the process of speccing (and building) the car simpler, less so if the option you really want is only available together with a load of others you don’t. Happily Porsche still does it the old fashioned way – with a huge list of individual options you’ll want to spend hours going through to make sure you get your spec just right. 

    And be careful. Some things you’d assume were standard on a near-£90,000 car actually aren’t. A reversing camera is £480, for example. You’ll pay another £294 for auto-dimming mirrors, and a further £210 if you want electric folding side mirrors. Ambient lighting is £299. 

  • …but don’t get carried away

    You can easily add £££ to the price of a Taycan Cross Turismo by getting carried away with the sheer number of available options. Think long and hard about the boxes you’re ticking, or before you know it you’ll have spent over £500 on leather-edged floor mats, £345 on brown seatbelts and £1,052 for carbon-fibre wing mirrors.

  • The most expensive optional extra is…

    The priciest individual option is ceramic brakes, for which Porsche charges £6,302. Add another £900 If you want the calipers pained black instead of yellow. Happily they come as standard on the Turbo S, and if you’re going for a Turbo the option cost is lower at just over £4,000. 

    Special mention too for the £5,000 “Taycan Exclusive Design wheels with carbon aeroblades”. 

  • Here’s one we made earlier

    This is the Cross Turismo I’d buy if I had the money. A 4S with – wait for it – £21,403 worth of options. Sigh. I really tried, too…

    Big ticket items are the two-tone leather interior, dynamic chassis control and Porsche’s ‘Innodrive’ driver assistance system. I also went for the matrix LED headlights, four-wheel steering, panoramic roof, surround view cameras and Bose stereo among others. 

    So, how would you spec your Taycan Cross Turismo? Click here to read our full review.

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