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Behold the 3/4 scale Ferrari Testa Rossa J

First came Bugatti and Aston, now The Little Car Company has partnered with Ferrari

Published: 09 Aug 2021

After collaborating with Bugatti on the tremendous Baby II, Aston Martin on the superb DB5 Junior and Tamiya on the outrageous Wild One MAX, The Little Car Company has partnered-up with Ferrari to create THIS – the Testa Rossa J. 

Simply put, it’s a 75 per cent scale replica of a 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa. Designed to be driven by anyone over the age of 14, it has a hand-beaten aluminium body and, we’re told, an accurate scaled-down recreation of the original’s chassis developed using the original drawings (supplied by Ferrari’s Classiche Department). 

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The paint and leather are the same stuff Ferrari uses on its road cars. The steering wheel is by Nardi, the brakes by Brembo, the tyres by Pirelli, the suspension (which was signed-off by proper Ferrari test drivers at Fiorano, no less) by Bilstein and the pedals are nicked from the F8 Tributo. You get handmade wire wheels as standard, but you can upgrade to proper Borranis if you like. 

Inside, the seat is designed to accommodate one teen and one adult. The dials are all recreations of the originals, but adapted to display battery/motor temps, charge remaining and so-on. The Manettino switch on the dash lets you cycle through four drive modes; Novice, Comfort, Sport and Race. 

Race unleashes the full 12kW of power, enabling a top speed of “over 60km/h” (37mph). We’re told this mode “will allow a balance of performance between all cars produced by The Little Car Company to ensure fun and friendly competition on the race track”. Range is up to 90km (56 miles). 

Other notable features? A hydraulic handbrake and the optional roll-bar. You can have it painted in one of 14 classic race liveries, come up with your own or have it painted in one of 53 standard colours. That said, no doubt The Little Car Company would be only too happy to properly personalise your Testa Rossa J, if presented with a large enough cheque. 

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Prices start at €93,000 before tax and options. 

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