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What the-? Mercedes-AMG reveals roofless, V8 ‘PureSpeed’ concept with a HALO

Monaco GP debut for a *very* open supercar spun off an SL

Published: 22 May 2024

This is the Mercedes-AMG ‘PureSpeed’ which a) is a roofless, ‘HALO’-equipped supercar that carries Merc’s long history of motorsport in its design, and b) suggests the existence of a Mercedes-AMG ‘PurerSpeedier’.

At least we hope that’s what the next one’s called, because Mercedes claims this PureSpeed is but the opening salvo in a new series of cars dubbed the ‘Mythos’ series. No, us neither. Still, it was unveiled in Monaco ahead of this weekend’s Grand Prix, with Mssrs Hamilton and Russell giving it the once over.

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It’s clearly been spun off the base of the AMG GT and new SL, though the designers were clearly allergic to both roofs and windscreens. Because the Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed bears neither. In their place sits a HALO, which, says Mercedes, gives you that Formula One feeling!

Except… this one dissects the driver and passenger and doesn’t appear to offer any actual head protection, so it’s not really a HALO that gives you that Formula One feeling! Helpfully, Mercedes has included a pair of aero-optimised helmets for the concept, so bugs won’t be on the menu.

A V8 will very much be on the menu, Mercedes told, and considering it’s an AMG V8 affixed inside a car without a roof or a windscreen, the experience should be somewhat fruity. There’s no word on performance metrics or even a headline power output, but considering it’s a limited edition supercar, the answers are likely ‘many’ and ‘much’.

Oh, that’s right. Mercedes-AMG is building just 250 of these PureSpeed supercars, each carrying carbon fibre parts inspired by the AMG One and a pair of flying buttresses like those on the 300 SLR from the Fifties (and the SLR Stirling Moss). The wheels are special carbon fibre items, with closed rears for better aero, and open fronts for more air onto the brakes and more downforce.

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The AMG/SL nose has been honed for a more ‘shark’ like expression, sitting ahead of “muscular shoulders” and a tonne of aero flics. The whole car’s been painted in a colour scheme that apparently points to the winning Mercedes in the 1924 Targo Florio race (that car was painted red to keep onlookers at bay).

“The Concept Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed offers a glimpse of what is probably the most direct way to experience performance and driving pleasure,” said AMG boss Michael Schiebe. “Radically open, neither a roof nor the windscreen separate the two passengers from the elements. As the concept of our first Mythos vehicle, it embodies the highest level of exclusivity.”

Will its PurerSpeedier successor go one further and shun doors and bonnets too? And just how much bodywork will the PurestSpeediest AMG shed? Only time will tell.

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