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Ford Ka news - No Ka-ravaggio - 2007

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Want your Ford Ka daubed in gaudy graphics? You’ve got two simple options.

The first, cheaper choice is to leave it in any dimly lit back street near a posse of likely looking ASBO-totting yoofs.

The only downside here is you have little say, and even less comeback, over the design brief. It’s a safe bet that it’ll be some variant on the ‘Daz woz ere’ theme, but linguistic correctness or aesthetic sympathy can’t be guaranteed.

Or, as a more expensive but predictable option, you could go for Ford’s new Ka-ligraphy range of stick-on graphics, a last ditch shot at shifting a few more Kas before the Fiat 500-based replacement arrives next year.

From a mere £49.99, you can have an ‘I luv my Ka’ tattoo stuck on the bodywork (no, really), or there are 12 different ‘Zodiac’ roof designs for £119.99.

There’s also the full-on ‘Butterfly’ artwork option, though - and we feel it necessary to be serious for a moment here - we beg of you: please, please don’t.

Ford says the designs only take between five and 30 minutes to stick on, but the shame of driving a Ka with My First Transfers plastered all over it will take longer to wash off.

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