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The Geneva Motor Show in 140 characters or less

  1. Once upon a time, so we hear, journalists covering huge
    motor shows spent their days scribbling thoughtfully in pads before retiring to
    five-star suites to scribble a careful 2500 word analysis of the catalytic
    converter in the new Vauxhall Vectra. 
    Which would then appear some time the following month.

    But technology doesn’t just mean better
    cars at the shows these days. The Geneva Motor Show is now also full of scruffy
    men and women pointing shiny new phones at the world’s most exciting new metal
    before firing off a snap 140 character assessment on Twitter.

    Still, we have to admit it’s a great
    way to show you everything – and this is what Top Gear’s finest have been up to at @BBC_TopGear
    during the show.

    So here you go: the entire Geneva
    Motor Show in 140 characters or less (apologies for some of the less than perfect photography)

  2. Almost every journalist in the world (including @BBC_TopGear) has just
    arrived at the Geneva Motor Show

  3. Good news! It’s the Dacia Lodgy!

    Read the full story on the Dacia Lodgy here

  4. Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse, no roof. Hold onto your hat…

    More pictures of the roofless Bugatti here

  5. Pagani Huayra doesn’t get any less wonderful the more you
    see it (or any easier to say)

    Read our full review of the car here 

  6. European Car of the Year (and TG’s Green Car of the Year)
    wearing its new medal

    Read our first drive in the Vauxhall Ampera

  7. GENEVA EXCLUSIVE! Subaru unveils new compact city car.

  8. Aston attempts to hide Cygnet behind lairy Virage Volante.

  9. Huge scrum as Bentley officially reveal their SUV…

    All the pictures of the Bentley EXP 9 F here

  10. Geneva Dubious Tuning Alert! It’s FAB Design’s Merc
    SLS-based tribute to Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer.

  11. The ‘F’ in Bentley EXP 9 F stands for ‘Falcon’ by the way.

    Our full story on Bentley’s new SUV

  12. It’s the Rinspeed stand. Literally no idea what’s going on

  13. Geneva Dubious Tuning Alert! Gemballa MP4-12C defies physics
    with wheels LARGER than tyres

  14. Sbarro E-typey thing. Has split TG opinion precisely down
    the middle

  15. The Valmet Dawn. Presumably able to levitate

  16. The mob around the fantastic Lambo Aventador J has finally

    All our pictures of the Lamborghini Aventador J

  17. TOP GENEVA FACT: the ‘J’ in Aventador J Speedster actually
    stands for ‘JustGiveUsOneNowPleasePleasePlease’

    All our pictures of the Lamborghini Aventador J

  18. The new Audi A3. Popular…

    Read our full story on the new Audi A3

  19. Blue/black Koeniggsegg Agera R. Yes please…

  20. This Very English Man standing by Mini’s Clubvan Concept is
    not English at all! He is German!

    Our story on the Mini ClubVan concept

  21. GENEVA EXCLUSIVE: Audi announces driver line-up for Le Mans
    24 Hours 2012 #justalittlebitcreepy

  22. The new Lambo again - certainly not camera shy…

    All our pictures of the new Lamborghini Aventador J

  23. GENEVA EXCLUSIVE: Boot of new Bentley SUV contains BOOZE and

    The full story on Bentley’s new SUV

  24. Suzuki recreates the thrill of Geneva 1992, Jimny

  25. GENEVA EXCLUSIVE: The all-new Clio! Much more aerodynamic than expected

  26. Mazda launches half a car. Attempts to hide laziness with
    girl. Fails…

  27. “What do you mean you can’t see me? I’m the one in the
    suit. Next to the car.”

  28. The most powerful road-going Ferrari ever looks like

    All the story and pictures of Ferrari’s monster new V12 car

  29. Subaru BRZ: Contains CENTAUR TECHNOLOGY!

    Our first drive in Subaru’s new coupe


  31. Gumperts aren’t supposed to look this good, are they?

    Story on pics on the two new Gumperts

  32. Wedgetastic 100th birthday celebration from Bertone

    Story and pics on the Bertone concept

  33. Finally relaxing and watching a bit of telly courtesy of the
    Toyota diji

  34. And shiniest car goes to… Fiat’s pumped up 500L

    The full story on the Fiat 500L and Ford B-Max


  36. Geneva FACT:
    so far today, this girl has made 432 revolutions of the Skoda Citigo turntable

  37. Citroen DS4R concept, complete with the Jeremy Clarkson seal of approval

    Full story on the Citroen DS4R concept 

  38. Kia’s latest crime against the apostrophe - it’s the

    The full story on the new Kia

  39. Anyone in the UK fancy this triple-turbo M550d diesel monster?
    Well you can’t have it. Not yours

    Our first drive in the BMW M550d

  40. Anyone reckon the Toyota Ft-Bh concept looks a bit like a
    Citroen C6? Or maybe a C4?

    The full story on the Toyota Ft-Bh concept

  41. Another Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, this time in black hiding on
    the Pininfarina stand

  42. This is what the roof to the Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse
    actually looks like

  43. The gate to the Cobra stand. Very nice…

  44. BREAKING GENEVA NEWS: Goodyear badly misunderstands brief to
    develop run-flat tyre.

  45. The gate to the Cobra stand. Very nice…

  46. This is what the roof to the Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse
    actually looks like

    See all our pictures of the new Bugatti here

  47. A beautiful moment: the first official Geneva Motor Show
    wedding at the Lancia stand

  48. The Astra VXR (which we’re looking forward to driving) with
    personal fluffer

  49. Best seating at Geneva goes to the Jeep stand

  50. Morgan embrace daring new technology (electricity) with Plus
    E concept

    Read all about the electric Morgan Plus E here

  51. BRAND NEW Rolls Royce Phantom. Not really that BRAND NEW

  52. And to finish, it’s the new C Apostrophe D in fetching blue/grey. We’re off for fondue. Thank you all

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