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Koenigsegg Agera news - Geneva show: 898bhp Koenigsegg Agera - 2010

too slow, too underpowered, too boring to look at.

now, and this. This is the Agera, the latest hypercar from everyone’s favourite
mad Swedes.

Koenigsegg would love you to believe so, it isn’t quite all-new, but instead a
heavily modified, powered-up and angrified version of the outgoing CCX.

Agera puts out - get ready - a deranged 898bhp from a 4.7-litre V8. Add in a
not-immodest 811lb ft of torque and you’re looking at a thing that can dispatch
62mph in 3.1 seconds and 124mph in under nine seconds before topping out at
something very close to 250mph. Those are mad, mad numbers.

our favourite number is a slightly more subtle one: 72kg. That’s how much the
Agera’s entire carbon fibre chassis weighs, which is less than many
normal-sized humans - most of whom are not, admittedly, made of carbon fibre.

Agera gets adjustable suspension, a removable hard-top and bodywork rendered
entirely in carbon fibre and Kevlar. Thanks to its flat underbody and many
clever wings, it produces over 300kg of downforce at 155mph.

much will it cost? Er, lots. We can’t imagine that’ll get in the way of
Koenigsegg’s desire to sell around 20 Ageras each year, though.

say their order books are open right now at the Geneva show. Better get your
man to put in a phone call quicksharp if you want one of these hypercars.

we’re pretty sure Koenigseggs have just smashed right out the top end of the
‘hypercar’ description. We need a new word.

Megacars? Suggestions please…

See what else is being revealed in Geneva

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