The new Toyota Auris is a British-built hybrid hatch

It looks good and can have near-hot hatch levels of power, too. Toyota's on a roll

The latest Prius and C-HR might have conned you into thinking Toyota’s hybrid cars look wilfully weird. The latest Auris dispels the myth by looking, to our eyes, actually quite good. While not entirely original – spot the Renault Megane and Mazda 3 design cues – it’s a far more enticing thing than the car it replaces.

And the positive news continues. It comes with the option of two different hybrid powertrains; the same 120bhp powertrain as the Prius and C-HR if you care most about economy, and a 177bhp version if performance is more your thing. That one even has paddleshifters. Oh, and there won’t be a diesel.

The new Auris is also going to be made in Britain, as Toyota reinforces the importance of its Burnaston plant amid Brexit-related worries surrounding much of the UK’s manufacturing industry. If you like supporting local trade, that could count for a lot.

In short, then, this is a good-looking, British built hybrid hatchback that’s not entirely about eco credentials or CO2 humblebrags. With a new Supra on its way and the Yaris GRMN sticking it to the hot hatch establishment, Toyota appears to be on a bit of a roll right now.