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The Smart Forease+ is a cool car with a terrible name

Speedster-style Smart ForTwo looks ace

If your appetite for new metal hasn’t already been thoroughly whetted this week, feast your eyes on THIS… Smart.

Yep, it’s another Geneva-bound concept car - a speedster-style Smart called the ‘Forease+’. It’s based on the normal ForTwo Cabriolet EV, but the tiny body has been conceptified with fancy lights and big wheels, the windscreen frame chopped and swept back and the folding roof removed altogether.

In its place is a removable hard-shell cover drawn down tightly over the two rollover hoops behind the seats. The setup reminds us a bit of the roof you get on a Jaguar Project 7, just a hell of a lot smaller.

The concept is a follow-up to the Forease Concept from last year’s Paris Motor Show - the only real differences between the two cars are the roof (the Forease didn’t have one at all) and the colour scheme. Smart says the Forease+ draws inspiration from older concepts like the Forstars and Fourjoy from 2012 and 2013.

We think it’s cooler, though. Certainly the best looking Smart we’ve ever seen. If only they all looked like this, practicalities be damned. Are we wrong?

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