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Watch a Goodwood Revival racer demonstrate road rage, 1930s-style

It seems old-school racing may not be so gentlemanly as all that…

You may have assumed, as we did, that road rage is very much a modern phenomenon, fuelled by our ever-more-crammed roads and ever-more-impatient lifestyles.
It seems this is not the case. A rather lovely clip has emerged from last weekend’s Goodwood Revival – Sussex’s glorious festival of old-school sports cars – apparently demonstrating that road rage is pretty much as old as driving itself.
We’re not quite sure what triggered the alteraction between the two drivers of these pre-1939 cars competing in the Brooklands Trophy race. Whatever the infraction, it was clearly enough to goad this pair of indubitable gentlemen to some rather ungentlemanly conduct.

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There’s no word on whether the ungallant gesture marked the end of the dispute, or whether the squabble continued to the bar afterwards. If so, Top Gear fears some rather fruity language may have been employed. ‘Cad’, perhaps. ‘Bounder’, maybe. Perhaps, heaven forbid, even ‘scallywag’. Cover your ears, children!
Warning: the above video is very slightly not safe for work.

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