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This GT3 RS has been wrapped to look like a barn find

Want a new Porsche 911, but wished it looked, um, old? Your niche has been catered for!

Published: 28 Mar 2016

If there’s something that fetches a lot of money second-hand at the moment, it’s the Porsche 911 GT3 RS. A limited run has ensured getting a used example requires a very stocky wallet indeed.

Barn find classics are also something you’ll read a lot about: some old rarity being dragged from dereliction, complete with shabby paintwork, to command much more money than its condition suggests it’s worth.

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So how about a combination of the two? This is a GT3 RS wrapped to look like it’s been hauled from 30 years of isolation in a shed. And, well, we think it looks the absolute nuts.

Behind the unusual aesthetic is WrapZone, the Swedish company that’s worked on Jon Olsson’s projects, as well as other Gumball contenders.

Designed by a Floridian man called Scott Kepple, the GT3 RS has a livery inspired by abundant Martini-clad Porsche racers of old, only with in-built cracks, scuffs and fading that suggests its racing career has been long and arduous.

Whether it adds to or detracts from the huge sum of money its base car is worth is a debate for elsewhere. All we want to know is this: do you like it?

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