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Oh dear. The Worthersee meet in Austria was all going
so well. Having seen VW’s Nurburg-tastic Scirocco road racer, and Audi’s TT and
A3 TDI Clubsports, we wondered what treat was next in store.

But then this monstrosity comes along and puts a
grubby plaster in the metaphorical Worthersee swimming pool: a Golf GTI ‘Performance design study’ from some department or other in the corner of the
VW office that should never, ever be allowed out in public again.

VW hasn’t released any details on the GTI-sore (see
what we did there?) but it’s all pretty self-explanatory: hideous two-tone
paintjob, rear bench removed in favour of a single bucket seat and
sphincter-rupturing sound system, glue-on body kit and - of course - the
obligatory scissor doors. No doubt it’s powered by a ‘chipped’ little four-pot
with a tin-can exhaust.

Bad VW. Go and stand in the corner and think about
what you’ve done. No coming out until you put that racing Scirocco into production.

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