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Infiniti G37 Convertible news - Joining the fold - 2008

It’s not long - not long at all - until Infiniti reaches the UK. Nissan’s luxury brand is nearly upon these shores - well, early next year - but will we be seeing this car in its line-up?

This is the G37 Convertible, the folding-top version of Infiniti’s 3-Series botherer.

It’s a tidy looking thing, with a three-piece auto-folding hard-top - don’t they all these days? - and, boasts Infiniti, ‘the dynamic performance worthy of an Infiniti G’. We assume that’s a good thing.

Beyond that, it’s all a bit of a mystery. We’re told that the G37 Convertible will come with the option of a ‘unique interior treatment’, which we’re intrigued by - Ronseal? Yeti-skin? Anne Hathaway cottage-spec? (Shakespeare’s wife, not the actress) - but that’s it for details.

Infiniti won’t even confirm whether the G37 Convertible is coming to the UK, which seems a bit mean. Fine, Infiniti: wave it in front of our noses and then hide it behind your back. If that’s the way you’re going to be, maybe we don’t want you round here.

Then again, maybe we do. We can be capricious too, y’know.

The Infiniti G37 will however be on sale in the US next year, you lucky Yanks.

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