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Ken Block’s Gymkhana 10 will be ‘the best one ever’

Block confirms Gymkhana 10 is in the planning stages. But it’s got a big task

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A tall order awaits your favourite Internet hoonigan: to create one of the finest tyre-shredding videos of all time. Yup, Ken Block has confirmed to that Gymkhana 10 is currently in the ‘planning stages’.

And it’s a milestone number, which means a milestone video. “We’ve got two videos coming out this year,” Ken exclusively told “Terrakhana and Climbkhana, so we’ve pushed Gymkhana 10 off to some future date.”

Terrakhana is the latest instalment in his desire to bring his unique driving style to as many different locales as possible – and you can watch it right here – while Climbkhana sees the big man’s Hoonicorn Mustang take on the terrifying mountain known as Pikes Peak.

But the tenth Gymkhana? That’s a big one. “The main thing with that, is it’s number 10. It’s got to be the best one ever. We’re looking at all sorts of crazy ideas. Right now, there’s nothing I can discuss, but it’s definitely being thought of in a way of being the best ever.

“That’s not an easy thing for us to concept out,” he adds.

If it doesn’t look like a dangerous situation, it’s not going to look great on camera right?

We’ll bring you more on that as soon as we have it. For now, we can enjoy Terrakhana, and the upcoming Climbkhana, which reunites Ken and his gloriously unhinged Hoonicorn Mustang in an attempt to slide up Pikes Peak.

“That road has many drop offs where I could potentially die,” he tells us, matter-of-factly. “And like we said, if it doesn’t look like a dangerous situation, it’s not going to look great on camera right? That video put me in even more precarious situations.”

Apparently, Ken has some mechanical issues with the Hoonicorn, so the team will need to return to the mountain to finish it up. “It’ll be out in October or November,” he tells TG.

We wonder now that Ken’s had a crack at the all-new Ford GT, whether he feels that’s a Gymkhana-worthy car…

“I drove it at Le Mans for the first time ever,” he tells us about his first experience with Ford’s new supercar, “and it really is quite a stunning car. I’m pretty impressed that Ford was able to do that – with Ferrari or Lamborghini, that’s what they do day in, day out.

“But for Ford, with their range of cars from very cheap small vehicles, to big trucks like the Raptor, supercars are not necessarily their day-in, day-out expertise. It really is quite impressive,” he adds.

So, will we see the 647hp GT in a Gymkhana video anytime soon? “Possibly! The thing with my videos is that I do it with all-wheel-drive, and that car is rear-drive.

“It’s possible I could do something, but probably not Gymkhana because I keep that stuff specifically all-wheel-drive…”

You heard it here first, folks.

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