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Gallery: the cars of Gumball 2015

  1. Over the last 17 years, some of the world’s maddest, fastest and most expensive cars have taken part in the Gumball Rally.

    The McLaren F1 GTR, Batman’s Tumbler, £200 eBay specials and ice cream vans - not to mention pretty much every supercar worth its salt - have all done their 3000 miles to become Gumball graduates.

    Although the Class Of 2015 grid appears less diverse than previous years (what, only one Lamborghini?), you have to remember only a third of the 80 cars that left Stockholm will be flown to Reno, Nevada for the second leg.

    When Gumball hits the US, the grid will swell and diversify again with new participants and cars - most notably DeadMau5’s McLaren P1, and whatever Lewis Hamilton picks to roll in from LA to Las Vegas.

    But selecting the right car for the Gumball Rally is tough. It’s often thought that the main variable to consider is speed. It isn’t, it’s exclusivity.

    In these circles, no one wants to be rocking the same look, so the grid is always an eclectic mix of exotica, classics and WTF-ness.

    This year everything from a Lamborghini LM002 to a six-wheeled military vehicle - as well as a 1959 Ferrari TR that looks like it took a wrong turn on the way to the Mille Miglia - crossed the start line. Whether they make the finish is another story.

    With their unique wraps and emblazoned in sponsor logos, it’s quite an eyeful of metal. You’ll be glad to know we’ve rounded the notable ones into a monster gallery above. This will also be updated when we get Stateside, so look out for that…


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