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Mitsubishi Concept-cX news - Frankfurt show: Mitsubishi Concept-cX and Prototype X - 2007

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Evading the attentions of the model guarding the
Mitsubishi Concept-cX proved tricky - she may look innocuous but she’s
obviously under strict instructions to keep the button-pokers and tyre-kickers
off the stand - but we’ve just had a good poke around the Japanese firm’s lead
attraction in Frankfurt.

The Concept-cX is described as a compact SUV, and we can’t
argue with the ‘compact’ bit. It looks dinky, and it looks good.

The pointy-nosed face will doubtless divide opinion - our
first impression is that it looks like the bastard lovechild of a shark and a
Mustang (the car, not the horse) - but we like it nonetheless.

It’s still in
proper concept territory, though. There’s no visible exhaust, just an LED
cluster where the centre tailpipe should be (actually, there are LEDs all over
the car), and a narrowing glass hatch with a fold-out tailgate.

Inside the
cabin, we like the look of the control cluster between the two rear seats, and
the gear lever that swivels to switch from two-wheel to four-wheel drive.

However, those slimline seats - which Mitsubishi describes
as ‘thinly padded but welcoming’ but we’d describe as ‘a pain in the arse’ -
could do with fattening up a bit.

So it’s still a long way from production. Unlike the
Prototype X, the Evo X-previewing concept that we saw back in Detroit in

With its rear
diffuser, wide arches and Alcantara-swathed interior, it looks just as mean as
we remembered, and Mitsubishi told us that the production version will be
unveiled at the Tokyo motor show next month.

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