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Wald Mercedes C-Class news - Ummm Bison - 2008

Oh dear. Bad. Try, if you can, to ignore
the nicked-off-an-old-Evo rear wing on this Euro-tuned C-Class.

Try to ignore the bizarre proliferation of
sharks’ gill vents. Try to ignore whatever the hell it is they’ve done with the
front end.

Instead, concentrate your hatred on its
awful name: the Wald C-Class Black Bison. Eh?

We get the Wald bit. They’re the guys
responsible for this monstrosity. They shall be receiving letters, fear not.

And we get the C-Class bit. That’s the
poor donor car that’s been so violently assaulted. But Black Bison? We’re just
not seeing the link between North American grazing ungulate and dodgy
aftermarket boy racer special.

They’re both
likely to get shot at by angry rednecks, we guess.

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