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Behind the scenes at the Monaco GP

  1. On Friday we witnessed the unrestricted Alpine A 110-50 concept bounce 400bhp’s worth of mid-engined V6 sound waves around Monaco’s GP circuit. With our ears still ringing, we accidently stumbled into the F1 pit lane. We weren’t really sure if we were meant to be there - probably not, as expensive technology and Top Gear don’t really mix.

    Even so, we thought that we’d make the best of the situation and bring you scenes that are too weird, tenuous or X-rated to feature on proper F1 coverage.

    We’ve also created a groundbreaking game that is set to be as popular as our needlessly difficult guess the car game. We’ve called it ‘Guess the F1 trainer/sneaker (depends on your geographic location and dialect). One thing we noticed when walking around the pit lane is that every team has their own trainer, normally consisting of a rubbery sole in a zig-zag shape. If you’re a real F1 fan you should be able to guess them all. They will appear sporadically throughout the gallery, so grab a pen and paper and right them down as the answers appear at the end.

    Words and pictures: Rowan Horncastle

  2. Pastor Maldonado is still smiling two weeks after his first win. He’s also still smiling like he has braces. He no longer wears braces.

  3. Pens and papers at the ready, this is Round One of ‘Guess the F1 trainer/sneaker (depends on your geographic location and dialect)’. These are orange and black with zig-zag F1 technology. Who do they belong to?

  4. Everything in F1 needs downforce, even the quads.

  5. Toro Rosso mechanic gets intimate with the problematic Pirellis. The other is a little teapot.

  6. Ladies, this is what Mark Webber’s derriere looks like.

  7. Round Two of ‘guess which team trainer this is’. A bit easier, we’ll think you’ll agree.

  8. HRT working frantically to gain a technical advantage.

  9. We analysed each driver, and Alonso is definitely the quickest at signing his own name.

  10. “Felipe, Fernando is faster at signing autographs than you”

  11. Lewis Hamilton’s car has its own ear warmers. Cute.

  12. The Stetson GP.

  13. Pit stops are scary. And fast. Scarily fast.

  14. “Jim, go and clean the car. Don’t come back until you can see your face in it!”

  15. Round Three of ‘guess the trainer’. These are black shoes. No zig-zag F1 technology but they do have matching socks.

  16. Apparently Friday is the best day to sledge your opponents.

  17. And have a nose around other’s cars.

  18. Round Four of ‘guess the trainer’. With added zig-zag technology.

  19. You didn’t know that engineers play checkers with wheel nuts? You do now.

  20. Petrov’s company Caterham isn’t exactly an R500.

  21. At an F1 race, Red Bull doesn’t give you wings, it gives you Euro-trance. Loud Euro-trance. ALL THE TIME.

  22. Round Five of ‘guess the trainer’. Blue with some added reflectors on the side. What team do they belong to?

  23. Kimi concentrating on race setup. Or maybe ice cream.

  24. A simple case of badge engineering.

  25. It’s back to the day job for JB after acting as DTM taxi man for Top Gear last week.

  26. Final Round of ‘guess the trainer’. Another black shoe that belongs to a different team. But which one? Answers are only a few clicks away…

  27. New boy, Jean Eric Vergne, pays tribute via a helmet to Jean Alesi, racing at the Indy 500 this weekend.

  28. For safety reasons Nico Rosberg HAS to walk around his pit garage in a retro skid-lid (this is a lie).

  29. ‘Guess the F1 trainer/sneaker (depends on your geographic location and dialect)’ THE ANSWERS.

    Round One: Force India
    Round Two: Caterham F1
    Round Three: Lotus F1
    Round Four: McLaren
    Round Five: Toro Rosso
    Round Six: Mercedes

    Well done if you got them all right - you’re a dedicated F1 footwear fan. As you can see above, you have to have red shoes at Ferrari; otherwise they’ll spray paint them.

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