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Meet the Gazoo Racing Super Sport Concept

Silly name and silly performance, thanks to Le Mans know-how. So, what do you think?

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Good news! Toyota’s going to make a Kazoo that you can play at salons in Tokyo all through January.

Wait. That doesn’t sound right. Oh, we’ve got it now – Toyota’s in-house racing outfit, Gazoo, is going to the Tokyo Auto Salon in January. Yeah, that makes more sense.

The Tokyo Auto Salon, for those of you wondering, is kind of like a Japanese SEMA, which kicks off another year of unhinged tuning and downright insane paint jobs and body mods. Toyota Gazoo Racing will be bringing this: the GR Super Sport Concept. And, if you’re thinking, “Hey, that looks like an LMP1 racer,” you might be on to something – Gazoo themselves say that the design originates “from participation in the WEC.”

They’ve also talked about using knowhow and lessons from WRC and WEC in new production vehicles. Sure, it could be Marketing Fluff 101, but we’re feeling optimistic. It’s Christmas, after all.

So, what does that mean for Gazoo? Can we expect to see hard-edged Toyotas in the same vein as AMG, M and RS versions of the Germans? And would you want one if they did? Answers on the back of a postcard, please. Or, y’know, in the comments section.

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