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Renault Sandero F1 edition news - Brazil GP special

As a general rule, any car that Renault decides to paint bright yellow and festoon with huge decals will be Very Good Indeed.

First there was the R26 Megane RenaultSport, and then the R27 Clio RenaultSport. They were both most excellent cars. Some of our very favourites, in fact.

This is the Renault Sandero F1 edition. This is not, we fear, a most excellent car. Unlike the tuned-up R26 and R27, the Sandero gets no mechanical upgrades. This is a pity. If there was ever a car in need of a few mechanical upgrades, the Sandero is it.

If you’re wondering why the Sandero has a Renault badge, not a Dacia badge as it will be when (if?) it finally reaches the UK, that’s because this special edition is destined for Brazil.

The Sandero F1 is soon to be unveiled at the Sao Paulo auto show (how did we not sort ourselves some tickets for that?) along with a Logan F1.

Hang on… aren’t the F1 boys in Brazil this weekend? Mr Alonso, we’ve found your next weekday runabout…

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