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Treat yourself to this gorgeous Ferrari F1 car

Prime your wallets as one of the most beloved Seventies Formula One cars has come up for sale

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There are two methods of becoming a Ferrari Formula One driver. Method one: possess lots of talent, sacrifice childhood and a social life, climb up the F1 ranks, await induction into the Scuderia. Method two: possess lots of money, buy an old F1 car, cross your fingers you fit inside.

Luckily for you, option two has opened up, as one of the Tifosi’s favourite cars has come up for sale: the 312T.

The 312T was the car that brought Ferrari back to its winning ways after a championship drought of over ten years. Between its introduction in 1975 and its retirement from competition in 1980, it won 27 races, took 61 podiums, 19 poles, 25 fastest laps, 4 Constructors’ Championships, and 3 Drivers’ Championships.

What you see above is the third-gen variant of the 312T – the T3 – and chassis number #032. Like the original, this T3 uses a raucous flat-12 engine producing around 515 horsepower, while you belt yourself into what was then a state of the art but quite unsafe chassis (Niki Lauda won two Formula One World Championships in the two previous generations but also had his infamous shunt at the 1976 German Grand Prix at the Nürburgring in one too). It’s got a monocoque construction and suspension arrangement to work properly with the Michelin tyres, something the earlier cars had trouble with while on Goodyears.

This actual car you see here was driven by Gilles Villeneuve in the 1978 South African Grand Prix, then driven to victory at the 1978 US Grand Prix West by Carlos Reutemann, who would later put the car on pole at the Monaco Grand Prix. It has since been through various collections before coming up for auction again.

So if you’ve always dreamed of being an F1 driver but never quite made it because you were (a) not quick enough or (b) too busy becoming rich, use your Bond-villain wealth to have a slice of a legendary F1 machine for an unspecified sum (we’re assuming a lot) and scare yourself silly. Check out the ad here. If we could, we would.

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