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Before you sandblast our rusty little Internet with your incessant pedantry, yes, the pictured car is technically a Chevrolet Sonic. Only we in the UK get it as a Chevy Aveo.

And, since we’re in the UK, we prefer the term barrel roll, rather than ‘kick-flip’, which the 14-year-old loitering outside the office reliably told us is not a euphemism for a bizarre mating practice but in fact, a term used by skateboardists.

You see, what we have here is a video of MTV presenter Rob Dyrdek taking aforementioned Chevy city car and barrel-rolling it over the world’s largest skateboard, at the Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles, California. It was filmed as a stunt for MTV’s Fantasy Factory.

Probably not quite as memorable as Bond’s barrel-roll in The Man With The Golden Gun, or indeed our ambitious recreation of that using an MG Maestro, or indeed the record-breaking Aston DBS barrel-roll in Casino Royale.

Still, worth a gander…

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