Watch a huge SuperUte shunt in slow-mo

Michael Sieders’ introduction to top-flight pick-up racing lasted one corner

As race debuts go, Michael Sieders’ entrance to the Australian SuperUte series was as spectacular as it comes. Having a crack at his first-ever top-flight circuit pick-up race at Queensland Raceway over the weekend, the number 45 driver only lasted one corner before his Mitsubishi Triton ute was collected, sending him into an absolute enormo-shunt.

Piling into turn one for the final race of the weekend, fellow ute racers Ryal Harris and Tom Alexander collided, sending them both off the track and into the kitty litter. With a clean run, plucky Michael Sieders dived underneath the pair and made a break for the lead but, unfortunately, Tom Alexander had a mother of a tankslapper trying to get back on track, sending him one way, then the other and into the rear-three quarters of Sieders’ Mitsubishi – punting it massively sideways at speed.

Then the worst thing possible happened – the car dug in. Michael was sent into a fearsome high-velocity barrel roll with his ute rolling a total of six times, ultimately landing on its side on the half-wall at the outside of turn two. Luckily, Michael was OK. But we have no idea where the wheel and tyre jetisonned from the truck went. So if you’ve found it, please let us know.