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Watch: McLaren P1 GTR nearly wiped out at Laguna Seca

Footage from McLaren GTR track day shows scary near miss at Corkscrew. Yikes

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Yikes. Click play on the video above, and at nine seconds, you will see a bright yellow, 986bhp McLaren P1 GTR spin off at Laguna Seca’s ‘Corkscrew’ downhill right. Terrifyingly, it screeches to within a whisker of the concrete barrier, nearly putting a sizeable, expensive dent in a sizeable, expensive track car.

The footage is of a McLaren GTR private event, and the car in question is the same one TG manhandled last year as part of our epic Speed Week where in the hands of Bruno Senna, it was fast. In the hands of TG? Not as intimidating as we first thought.

But, regardless of how friendly the P1 GTR may have turned out, you still have to respect something with 986bhp that costs £2m and boasts a rear wing with 400kg of downforce. Then there’s the Corkscrew itself.

If you need a quick refresher, the GTR gets 197bhp from the e-motor (up 21bhp on the ‘regular’ P1) and 789bhp from the 3.8-litre turbo V8. Weight has been stripped out almost everywhere – that rear wing means there’s no need for heavy hydraulic struts - while even the glass has been replaced with polycarbonate all round, including the windscreen. In total, about 150kg has been shaved out. Plus the suspension components and geometry have been heavily revised. All very senior.

So it’s a Thing. Now watch what happens when it goes a bit wrong…

Top Gear’s Speed Week: 986bhp McLaren P1 GTR thrashed on track

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