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Batman's Batpod is coming up for auction and you need it

Actual movie bike used in 'The Dark Knight' could be yours for £80k

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No question, no arguments - you need Batman’s bike. It’s the one used as the ‘hero’ bike in The Dark Knight and again in The Dark Knight Rises, and it’s coming up for auction on 27 September.

Originally conceived by director Chris Nolan, production desiger Nathan Crowley and special effects wizard Chris Corbould, the Batpod was Batman’s alternative to the Tumbler Batmobile. And yes, while the Tumbler is the Batman-themed transport you deserve, it’s not the one you need right now. And this Batpod will most definitely suffice.

It features a Honda 750 engine, fibreglass body panels over a custom made chassis, 31in - 31in! - tyres, and plastic cannon barrels up front, complete with laser targeting on the right hand grip. Yep, frickin’ lasers. The radiator and hydraulics are fitted behind the saddle, and it brakes via controls on the left handle and right pedal. 

This particular Batpod - one of six built for The Dark Knight - is said to be ‘well used’, and has a bit of wear to the body panels, some light corrosion on the chassis, and damage to the left gun mount “as a result of use on set”. Yeah, thanks Bruce. Still looks great, mind. Though you won’t be able to drive it quite just yet - it’s being sold as a ‘rolling only’ model, as all the fluids have been drained, and there’s no battery, fuel tank or throttle controls.

It’s being offered up by Prop Store’s Entertainment Memorabilia auction at the BFI’s IMAX cinema in London. Estimated auction price? Between £60k-£80k.

Ready your finest gravel-voice now…

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