Tom Cruise will drive a BMW M5 in Mission: Impossible Fallout

‘Ethan Hunt’ will be ‘reinforced’ by an M5, and a classic 1986 5 Series

Entirely fictional IMF agent Ethan Hunt – played in the Mission: Impossible movies by Tom Cruise – will be ‘reinforced’ by a BMW M5 in the next instalment, dubbed ‘Fallout’.

Hell, any human being, fictional or indeed real-life, would be ‘reinforced’ by a BMW M5. Because it has nigh-on 600bhp and four-wheel-drive with a rear-bias and is obscenely fast. We recently concluded that it’s “the best M5 since the E39. A true super saloon with character and ability.”

So, ‘reinforced’. Yes. Terrifying? Perhaps in the wrong hands.

Cruise however – as we know here at Top Gear – isn’t exactly ‘the wrong hands’. Indeed, when we caught up with his MI co-star Simon Pegg recently, we asked him the core ingredient of filming a cracking movie car chase. His answer?

“Tom Cruise. He’s such a good driver,” Pegg laughed.

That, he is. BMW has long supplied cars for the MI franchise, and you might recall the chase from ‘Rogue Nation’ where Cruise pilots a BMW M3 BACKWARDS down a staircase. (Which, incidentally, gave Pegg whiplash. The joys of being a co-driver.)

The M5 will be joined by a simply gorgeous 1986 5 Series saloon, a 7 Series, and a BMW R nineT Scrambler bike.

Is the M5 the right choice for an entirely fictional IMF agent, or does he need something else? Fire in below…