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These are TG readers’ favourite racetrack corners in the world

Aside from the usual suspects, a few lesser known gems have also seen plenty of support

Published: 05 Apr 2024

There’s nothing quite like passing through the barriers of a racetrack and mentally preparing yourself to run out of talent soon after, is there? Track days are a huge dopamine shot for countless enthusiasts, with circuits like the Nürburgring and Silverstone regularly welcoming visitors from all over the world… before they run out of talent.

But all jokes aside, it did get us thinking earlier in the week: which racetrack corner, or series of corners, do our readers think is the greatest or most satisfying to go around? Which would they most want to experience in reality, if indeed they’ve been limited to doing so purely on a simulator up until this point?

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Jay Kay (that Jay Kay?) placed their vote on the esses at Watkins Glen: “While technically more than one corner, the complex can't be broken up. The car just hunkers down and feels like it floats as it transitions right-left-right with the uphill aiding traction. Do the esses right and it's one of the most thrilling and rewarding feelings ever as you rocket onto the back straight.”

Dastardly also gave us a brilliant description of why Suzuka as a whole deserves a shout: “The esses are incredibly fast if you get the timing of on/off throttle right. It’s followed up by Spoon where you come in on the right, and if you don’t get your braking point correct on entry you’re hooped for the double apex. And let’s not forget the final chicane.”

T-Bird also suggested a corner at the ‘Ring, but perhaps not the one most would opt for: “I pick Adenauer Forst. So many people underestimate it when they do a leisure lap which makes it sneaky. Not the most exciting but fun to watch people spin or overshoot.”

As expected, the two clear favourites this week were Eau Rouge at Spa Francorchamps and Laguna Seca’s Corkscrew. Let’s take an argument for each, beginning with Ad Astra’s defence of the latter: 

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“The Carousel isn't as dynamically challenging or as spectacular as The Corkscrew. It's just a g-loaded, banked corner. Both The Corkscrew and Eau Rouge have a significant elevation change. However, Eau Rouge, for all its magnificence, also isn't as challenging as The Corkscrew.”

Let’s conclude with Al Kim’s description of Eau Rouge: “It is a defining corner that can and will make or break your lap. And it's pretty. But if you crash after the crest, please try to vault over the barrier because otherwise, you'll bounce in front of everybody else going flat out.”

Another intriguing set of comments for our latest Question of the Week. Thank you to everyone who dropped a thought. We'll be back on Monday for the next in the series...

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