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Gaze in wonder at this perfectly restored Ferrari

In a world of restomods, this mint 330 GTC reminds us how special the original articles can be

Published: 26 Oct 2022

Three years. 

That’s the length of most university degrees. It’s the length of a full term for Australian Prime Ministers – assuming they ever make it that long. It’s also longer than most prison sentences. 

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It’s also how long it took to restore this Ferrari 330 GTC.  

And the fruits of a three-year odyssey of restoration, reverse-engineering and rebuilding? You’re looking at them. Take a moment; we certainly did. 

To our eye, at least, it’s perfect. And, helpfully enough, it’s also close enough to perfection to win the Concours d’Elegance at Salon Prive in September. And for all their sports coats, golf claps and club ties, Concours judges tend to know what they’re talking about. And looking at, come to think of it. 

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It’d be fruitless to list every single part that was restored, given that... well, every single part was restored. People talk about nut-and-bolt restorations; this is the kind of restoration where the team talked about every nut and bolt to figure out the best way to restore it. So instead of a play-by-play (that’d take years...), we’ll give you something of a flavour: Bell Sport & Classic, the company behind the restoration, spent a fortnight removing the 330’s interior, and set aside an entire month just to strip down the suspension. That rather sets the tone for the project, we feel.  

We could just as easily wax lyrical about the 300bhp Colombo V12, or take enough tangents for famous names (like Pininfarina, Tjaarda and Chinetti) that this article would technically qualify as a maths lesson. But if a picture could ever say what a thousand words couldn’t, it’d be now. Then again, that’s only fair – it’s a picture three years in the making.

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