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Now Honda is building new-old parts for the S2000

S2000 owners, what parts do you need for your roadster?

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The latest company in a growing list of “lets-make-parts-for-our-old-cars-again” is Honda, with its plan to provide owners of the S2000 with “genuine parts that are troubled if supply stops”.

So, like Toyota is doing with the old Supra, and Nissan is doing with the old GT-R, so Honda is doing for its amazing little roadster. Truly, there ain’t-no-party like a home-mechanic-in-the-Nineties party.

Using online translation services, we can deduce from Honda’s dedicated Japanese S2000 website that it is looking for suggestions on what original parts owners would like to see return. Submissions it seems, are running until 30 April this year, and we’re particularly looking forward to May.

Because “in May 2020, we will post a wonderful post on this homepage”. Wonderful, people; not ‘acceptable’, not ‘good’, but ‘wonderful’.

So, do you own a Honda S2000? If so, let us know below what you’d like Honda to reproduce for your motor. If you don’t own an S2000, we’ve got many words and pictures over this way that explain why you probably should.

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