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Bewerp Savage Revale Roadyacht GTS news - Wild orange - 2009

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And the Top Gear Award for ‘Most Ridiculously Named
Car of 2009 Thus Far’ goes to… the Bewerp Savage Revale Roadyacht GTS!

Honest. That is its real name. The Bewerp Savage Revale Roadyacht GTS. Unveiled
at the Top Marques show in Monaco by Dutch company Bewerp, it’s the world’s
first topless four-door supercar. It may well be the last, too.

The Roadyacht is based on a C6 Corvette chassis, and is powered by a GM-sourced
‘LS7’ V8 putting out around 670bhp and 540lb ft of torque. Even in a car as
sizeable as the Roadyacht, that should be good for a 0-60mph time of around 3.5
seconds and a top speed north of 200mph.

But why go so fast when there’s so much to look at? The Roadyacht features the
most extraordinary door arrangement we’ve seen since, er, that dragon-winged
Megane Coupe concept,
the front and rear doors hinging upwards and away from the centre of the car.
Under that high boot, there’s a folding hard-top which stows away in just 20

As an overall design, well, if you’ve ever wondered what a carrot looks like
when it gets angry, here’s your answer. Bewerp intends to put the Savage Revale
Roadyacht GTS into limited production, with pricing set at just over £200,000.

First, though, they really need to sort out that name. Which is where you come

Can you come up with a more ridiculous name than the Bewerp Savage Revale
Roadyacht GTS? We’ll kick you off with the ‘Bewerp Luxurious Marrow of Angular
Fearfulness RS’. Do your worst. 

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