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If this one comes off, we’ll eat our
sweaty race helmets. Actually, scrap that. We’ll eat our sweaty race helmets,
race overalls and fireproof undergarments.

This is the Ronn Scorpion, and you’ll
forgive us for being a touch sceptical, but it does sound just a little too
good to be true.

According to Texas-based Ronn Motor
Company, the Scorpion is an all-carbon fibre supercar that’ll hit 60mph in 3.5
seconds, return over 40mpg… and burn hydrogen all at the same time.

Yes, burn hydrogen. The Scorpion, so they
say, is powered by ‘fracturing water molecules’ from an onboard water tank to
create hydrogen, which is then mixed with petrol (in about a 40/60 split) and
combusted in the 3.5-litre Honda-sourced V6.

And as if all that doesn’t sound
complicated enough, Ronn says the first production Scorpions will be available
to customers this autumn. Quite a rapid turnaround, that.

Ronn does,
quietly, concede that this ambitious deadline could slip a touch. So we’ll
revise our initial promise just a touch. If we see the production Scorpion
within a year, race-suit dinner it is. But we’re allowed salt. And ketchup.

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