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Enzo and MC12 news - The best bested? - 2008

If you’ve ever driven an Enzo or a Maserati MC12, you’ll have noticed that the cars just aren’t fast enough.

660bhp doesn’t really propel the carbon fibre down the road with any true pace, and the sound from that V12 is a little soft.

It’s clear that Ferrari and Maserati made some serious mistakes.

Why, for instance, didn’t they fit modified manifolds, high-flow air filters and an exhaust with adjustable butterfly valves for push-button sound control?

Why also did they forget to fit a sports suspension system or lightweight wheels? And the omission of two different clutch friction options (strada/pista) was just careless.

Thankfully, the boys at Edo Competition ‘think that they can make better everything that has four wheels and a V12 engine’ and have turned the frankly awful Enzo and MC12 into the cars they should’ve been from the start.

The result is two 700bhp monsters that are lighter, faster and trickier than the originals.

Both do 230mph tops, 0-60mph in under 3.5 seconds and 0-186mph in 22.

And we weren’t joking about that push-button ‘sound-level adjustable’ exhaust system.

We like that.

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