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Ferrari 458 gets the GT treatment

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The cruel hand of time is gesticulating crudely at the Ferrari F430 GT.

The track-tortured Fezza’s time is coming to an end, so Jon Sibal - who also penned a glorious series of MP4-12C GT cars - has designed what he thinks the next Fezza GT racer should look like.

His 458 Italia gets swollen panels, a lowered ride height and some racing rubber on a tasty set of new shoes. Sibal’s 458 GT also gets a weapons-grade rear wing and - of course - racing decals.

No word on engine spec, but the F430 GT - which raced in the ALMS - got a custom-built 4-litre V8 producing between 600bhp and 700bhp with lightened body panels and like, zero interior trimmings.

Ferrari recently showed us a taster of what a racing 458 will look like - the 458 Challenge, which will race in a one-make series next year.

Sibal admits this was a ‘quickie’, but it looks pretty tasty to us. Is this how you imagine the Ferrari 458 Italia GT will look like?

Vijay Pattni

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