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Be afraid. Ferrari is working on the most extreme production-derived car in its history: a hardcore, track-spec version of the heart-poundingly fast LaFerrari, dubbed the ‘XX’.

And Top Gear can exclusively reveal that the company has been working on a Formula One-derived V6 turbo hybrid powertrain for the car. Yup, it’s that hot: an F1 car for civilians.

Speaking at the recent Ferrari Racing Days event in Sydney, Ferrari’s Sporting Activity Department boss Antonella Coletta confirmed that the new car would likely appear “in January or February” next year, following in the footsteps of the original FXX - which Stig piloted around the track many moons ago - and the 599XX.

At this point, it’s worth remembering just how astonishingly quick the ‘regular’ LaFerrari already is, to provide context on the sheer brutality promised by the XX. Said regular LaFerrari gets a 789bhp 6.3-litre V12 that revs to 9,250rpm, along with a Hy-Kers system that adds an additional 161bhp to the pot.

Sent through a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox to the rear wheels, the LaFerrari is capable of accelerating from 0-62mph in 2.9 seconds, cracking 124mph just four seconds later, and a top speed in excess of 218mph. Hugely fast, then.

Coletta admitted that making the XX version any quicker would be ‘difficult’; quite possibly the understatement of the year. But then Ferrari’s XX programme has never just been about power. Coletta suggested the LaFerrari XX would boast a revised suspension system, as well as more aero and a rethought electric system. Oh, and slick tyres.

Though Coletta never mentioned anything about the powertrain, you might remember late last year, the Internet was ablaze with a video of a disguised LaFerrari mule lapping Fiorano and making a very V6-turbo noise. Online speculation reckoned on Ferrari doing some secret-squirrel pre-season race testing. But no, we’ve been told from very high up in the company that this was a potential powertrain for the new XX.

No confirmation yet that the XX will run this engine. But even if it doesn’t, the very fact that Ferrari tried it out shows just how serious it is about making the XX into an unimaginably ballistic machine.

And though there’s been no official word from Ferrari on a Nürburgring lap time, we hear rumours of a 6m35s target. Which is ridiculous, frankly.

We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, why not read Top Gear’s first drive of that ‘regular’ £1 million LaFerrari by clicking here?

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