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Mercedes-McLaren 722 Roadster - Paris motor show news - 2008

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The SLR 722 - the powered-up, loudened-up
version of the big Mercedes-McLaren supercar - makes, quite simply, one of the
maddest noises of any car we’ve ever tested.

So how’s this going to sound? This is the
722 Roadster, the inevitable chop-top version of the SLR, replete with 650bhp
5.5-litre V8 and an exhaust system that makes a Metallica stadium gig sound a bit

It’s an evocative thought, isn’t it -
blasting down a derestricted autobahn, roof down, speedometer tickling

Yep, 200mph - that’s what the 722 Roadster
will do with the roof down. We’re not even sure what happens to cabin
aerodynamics at that speed, but suffice to say it’d be wise to put your
passport safely in the glove compartment before you set off.

It should be a fairly stable ride even at
220.6mph - that’s the curiously precise top speed of the 722 Roadster when the
roof’s up - thanks to a ride dropped 10mm from the standard, boring, see-‘em-every-day
SLR Roadster.

We’re not exactly sure why the 722
Roadster on the Merc stand has got the roof up instead of down, but as you can
see, it’s a pleasantly low-key fabric affair. We approve.

If you’re keen to find out exactly what
happens to your immaculately combed barnet when you hit the double-ton with the
roof down, be quick - Merc is building a mere 150 SLR 722 Roadsters.

They’ll be on
sale early next year. Plenty of time to buy a set of hair clippers.

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