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We’re all about the modem retro here on Top Gear (remember the Eagle Speedster?) and this particular project has caught our eye. It’s a recreation of the classic Mercedes 300 SC, sitting on top of a SLS Roadster. And it’s ruddy gorgeous.

Customiser Gullwing America was contacted by a client in Eastern Europe who wanted something a bit special, and special he got: this retro Benz is a one-off.

Apparently the conversion from SLS drop top into ‘SLC’, as the one off is dubbed, required little change. The headlights were moulded into the stacked configuration of yore, while the spoiler was relocated behind the cabin.

Of course, an old Merc requires an old grille, and GWA has fitted one reminiscent of the era, sitting ahead of a hand-crafted body made from aluminium. The nod to the 21st century lies in adjustable suspension, 21in wheels up front (22in at the back) and a custom exhaust.

There’s no word on engine or performance, but we doubt anyone would have dared replace a 563bhp 6.2 litre V8 that sounds like an angry horde of Vikings on a charge. It will come with a hardtop too, though with that V8, it might not be necessary.

Important car, the old 300, as we found out after a little trip to the Mercedes Benz museum. At the time, the saloon version was the first big Mercedes of the then new Federal Republic, and was the car of choice of the Chancellor of Germany. And of course, a car bearing the name 300 SL remain the prettiest Mercedes Benz ever made. There is no argument.

We’re guessing you’re currently in the process of deciding which internal organ you least require, ahead of a sweaty-palmed phonecall to GWA, correct? But, if not this, which is your favourite retro/modern configuration? Don’t forget, that E-Type Speedster was a lovely bit of kit too…

Vijay Pattni

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