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Ten of our favourite... car-based beds

  1. While we were researching the Bugatti Veyron family tree last week, we found a Veyron that we’d never seen before. It had no roof, was made of fibreglass and had mattress for a chassis. After scratching our heads for a while trying to work out its aerodynamic qualities and which Middle Eastern market it was surely destined for, we realised it was a bed. A Bugatti Veyron bed.

    Stunned, we continued our search for more car-based sleeping furniture. And lo and behold, that old Formula One bed that at least two people in TG HQ had as children seems to have spawned a whole plethora of the things.

    Here are just some of our favourites, including an Evo, an F40 and a Morris Minor. Let us know your pick of the bunch…

    Words: Rowan Horncastle

  2. This redefines the term ‘power nap’. Buy one here

  3. Note the negative camber coasters

  4. A Ferrari F-Snorety. Sorry…

  5. Is this a Mercedes Benz? Or a Mercedes BenZzz?

    If you’re ever in Meilenwerk, Germany stop off at the V8 Hotel and lay your weary head in this very room.

  6. Derek oils his trunnion for an extra-deep sleep

  7. “Ain’t nuthin’ but a relatively suspended sensory activity thang”

  8. Bats do everything in the dark. Just like Bruce Wayne’s decorator.

  9. Hot Rod bunk beds. Fast. Asleep.

  10. Bi-Xenon nightlights come as standard.

  11. Isn’t the bed supposed to go inside the van?

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