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Classified of the week: C6 Corvette ZR1

New mega 'Vette is here, but you can still grab a smart example of the old one

We’ve been spoilt with new Corvette ZR1s of late. This week, a soft-top version of the new 755bhp mega-Vette was revealed, joining the equally outrageous coupe atop the Corvette range. Good for well over 200mph and dressed in aero that’d have a GT3 car cringing with embarrassment, it’s a worthy successor to the C6-gen Corvette ZR1.

Revealed back in 2008, in (slightly) less power-crazed times, it developed 638bhp from a supercharged 6.2-litre V8 that poked its intercooler lid through a perspex window in the bonnet.

Carbonfibre was chosen for the roof, bumpers and wings. Brakes were carbon-ceramic Brembos of the same size and specification as the Ferrari Enzo’s. America was taking its classic V8 sports car seriously. 

Sold for the UK equivalent of around £100,000, the C6 ZR1 offered monstrous performance for the money. Even nine years on, 0-62mph in 3.4 seconds, 205mph flat out and 7min 19sec around a certain German one-way toll road is mighty quick. And for ‘just’ a hundred grand? Besides a Nissan GT-R, few machines could stick it to the European supercar glitterati for such a relatively small price tag. 

If you want one today, you’ll pay even less, which is refreshing for a limited-run supercar. Though this 7,340-mile example is listed as price on application, we’ve seen plenty of ZR1s with similar miles under their chromed wheels for sub $100,000. Even below $80k, would you believe. That’s about £60k for one of the all-time great American supercars. Porsche 718 GTS money, but you get twice the cylinders and almost 640bhp. Yikes. 

Yes, the plastic-ridden cabin is truly gopping. And yes, chrome wheels are the most tasteless accessory for a car this side of ‘truck nutz’ (don’t ask). But we’d put up with a naff interior for this much American firepower. Wouldn’t you?

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